The Kitsch family’s Okanagan roots stretch back to 1910, when Kelowna was still a small, lakefront pioneer settlement. Four generations later, this entrepreneurial family takes great pride in helping to shape the past and the future of the Okanagan Valley.

Founders Ria and Trent Kitsch have blended their passion for wine and creative entrepreneurship to produce premium, sustainably-grown wines that pair equally well with special occasions and Tuesday night Cards Against Humanity games. With a little help from some friends, the young family transformed overgrown fields into lush vineyards, set on historic apple orchards that originally served as the Kelowna Land and Orchards (KLO) headquarters.

The single-vineyard wines embody the region’s rich soil and sun-soaked valleys. Cultivated through generations of ambition and love, the Kitsch family has captured the Okanagan in a glass.


Trent & Ria Kitsch
Founders, Growers, Wine Lovers

Born and raised in the Okanagan Valley, Trent and Ria have long been eager to get their hands dirty and nurture the land they love. After selling a successful underwear company, the couple moved back to Kelowna in 2010, planted a vineyard, and started a family. Producing distinctive wines for the givers and makers, movers and shakers, the Kitsch family is grateful to savour their latest adventure with friends old and new.

"I consider myself a minimal interventionalist. Great wine is made in the vineyard."

Grant Biggs
Wine Maker, Wine Grower

From the Okanagan Valley to New Zealand, Grant has dedicated himself to learning all he can from experts and enthusiasts and is obsessed with  winemaking, growing and drinking - from late-night harvests to providing an exceptional tasting room experience. With his sommelier background, minimalist style and youthful ambition, Grant infuses deep care into every bottle of Kitsch wine - from grapes to glass.